Snr Pricing Analyst - Parktown, Gauteng

Snr Pricing Analyst - Parktown, Gauteng


1. Develop a pricing strategy for Transnet Freight Rail that will enable volume growth; achieve revenue and profit targets; and

delivers value to customers:

a. Translate Transnet and Transnet Freight Rail Market Strategies into an overarching Transnet Freight Rail Pricing Strategy

b. Market Analysis:

  • Understand value required by customers
  • Understand competitor value positioning
c. Understand and monitor value required by customers versus value delivered

d. Understand value received versus planned

e. Incorporate TFR costing, demand forecasting and resource models in pricing strategies

f. Understand competitive position:

  • Analyse competitor pricing and promotional Strategies
2. Set revenue and pricing targets

a. Translate strategies into revenue targets for TFR as well as per sector, portfolio, customer, commodity, wagon type

b. Set price increase mandates for Transnet Freight Rail overall and per sector, portfolio and customer

c. Monitor price performance by markets, sector, portfolio

3. Develop TFR revenue plans:

a. Define objectives

b. Determine the price/value proposition

c. Estimate of plan results ?forecasts
4. Implement yield management in order to maximise profit:

a. Develop a yield management strategy

b. Develop and implement prioritisation principles to select optimal traffic mix at strategic, annual, monthly, weekly and daily


c. Set yield targets per portfolio per annum and quarter in order to achieve maximum profit given changes in resources and


5. Develop and monitor pricing guidelines / models:

a. Define general pricing guidelines / framework encompassing a set of factors that have to be considered at pricing

decisions (e.g., competition intensity, customer ability to pay)

b. Assist account managers in translating the general pricing standards in individual pricing strategies per customer

c. Continuously monitor pricing decisions by account managers and ensure appropriate price points are in place for individual

products and customers

d. Track relevant factors on pricing decisions over time (such as effects of regulatory decisions, competitors pricing) and

implement appropriate measures

6. Design and implement a pricing tool to determine prices and implement pricing simulation tools to build revenue scenarios:

a. Manage the development of IT-based pricing tools, which facilitate TFR?s overarching pricing decisions. Analyse pricing
tools employed and determine best practices. Implementation of the tool and is in charge of regular updates and


b. Set pricing principles and business rules for the pricing tool

7. Develop communication strategy which includes:

a. Formulating and implementing the roll-out plan

b. Establishing a cross- functional team to implement pricing strategies

8. Lead and direct staff so that they are able to meet objectives set for them

9. Identify and Project sponsor / manage Pricing related projects in order to achieve business plans objectives

10. Project manage ?other? TFR projects in order to achieve business plans objectives

Qualifications & Experience:

  • B. Degree / B.Tech in Finance or Economics
  • At least 5 years within a managerial function of a large organisation and pricing related experience.


Experience Requirements: 
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