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Reality TV

Michelle production
1/29 Montclair AV 3150 , Melbourn , Victoria , Australia

For the most amazing people around the world who would love to do something different and become very famous worldwide , please send me an email. We are looking for models Girls/Guys who are travelling around the world and would love to take videos for us 60 minutes long. All travellers , who love to take videos and tell a good story, funny,sad or just about their life.. We would love to get wedding videos as many as we can , brides with their dresses , jewish weddings and all caltour. Talents video and anything you can think off to become a TV STAR . the new largest production company it is on its way. contact us , join us today.

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0410 108 449
1/29 Montclair AV 3150 , Melbourn , Victoria , Australia
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