Design Engineer - Solar PV - Cape Town

Design Engineer - Solar PV - Cape Town


Our client is looking for an ambitious Design Engineer with 4+ years of experience in the renewable energy sector to research and develop specifications for the optimal production of solar power plants. As a qualified Electrical or Mechanical Engineer, your core responsibilities will include designing the electrical and mechanical components for microgrid and PV systems, such as electrical reticulation, integration protection and making use of Programmable Logic Controllers for grid control exercises. These engineering design skills will be necessary as you design projects from DC PV components to combiner boxes, inverters and SC cable runs whilst making sure LV circuit connections are secure. You will be required to undertake modelling and simulation activities to ensure plants are properly connected and are working to their maximum capacity. In addition to this, your brilliant verbal English skills will come in hand as you maintain close contact with customers, ensuring they receive project-specific power systems relevant to their needs.

In addition to these technical skills, you will be required to compile high quality reports, feasibility studies and respond to tenders which clearly identify electrical and structural building information and grid design components as well as load and generation documents outlining the effect that the solar system will have on your clients building. As the primary commissioning engineer, you will be responsible for compiling and presenting technical drawings of your designs, setting projects up on online monitoring platforms and undertaking various O&M tasks such as analysing, troubleshooting and ensuring overall optimal output of the systems you design. You will be someone who can design a system so well that no energy will go to waste!

Showing initiative and persistence will work in your favour as you will be required to interact with various departments preparing drafts for project proposals. If you are a non-linear problem solver who is able to apply technological expertise to the design of solar PV systems, and are able to anticipate how one design decision affects another, having the flexibility to adapt your design as need be, this could be the ideal opportunity for you! Apply now and secure your future with a major leader in the C&I solar space!

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