Content Copywriter - Johannesburg, Gauteng

Content Copywriter - Johannesburg, Gauteng


Do you know the difference between it's and its? What about loose and lose? Can you tell your keywords from your buzz words? Do you know what SEO stands for (without the help of Google)? And are you available to join our team in on a contract basis?

If you answered 'yes' to all these questions, stay with us. VML South Africa is looking for an experienced wordsmith to redesign the digital customer experience to sell financial products in a more human, relatable way.

Essentially, we are looking for user experience in words. Someone who can transform product language into customer needs language. Someone who understands where SEO and tone meet to create an online experience that feels natural to people.

In some cases, the copy will be repurposed from an existing website, while some briefs will require copy written from scratch. Some of the copy is descriptive. Some will be short and functional (think error pages and calls to action). Long or short, the same amount of care needs to be taken.

The ideal candidate is a lover of words, can work quickly unsupervised and is able to spot a typo with one eye open.

The project will require you to work closely with a UX designer to ensure a seamless user experience. This means collaborating to create content tailor-made for the website's design and the brand's tone.

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