***Casting Call Deadline To Apply 13th March *** Fringe Show...

***Casting Call Deadline To Apply 13th March *** Fringe Show... - 2018-03-13

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Fri, 05/11/2018
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Not requirements

***Casting Call deadline to apply 13th March ***

Fringe Show for Tobacco Tea Theatre Company
3 Male and 2 Female roles (playing age 20-40, any ethnicity)
Show Title: Stand and Deliver
Rehearsal location: Bristol
Show dates: 9-14 April at the Alma Tavern, Bristol; 25-28 May at Brighton Fringe (Rialto Theatre); Edinburgh Fringe dates TBC (slot confirmed with C (Venue #34) but actual dates yet to be confirmed – the whole fringe most likely)
Pay: £30 per performance plus accommodation and travel for Brighton and Edinburgh
Rehearsal times: March 22-24, 26, 28-31, April 3-8
Audition dates: 15-17 March
tobaccoteatheatrecompany@gmail.com or Mandy.com
Show Description:
“1736. Two highwaymen plan the heist of the century. Can they steal the taxidermy lobster, and save Britain from the clutches of a corrupt political establishment? Dark, witty, over-the-top action comedy about finding your true self and defying your masters from the makers of 'The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' (*****Theatre Bath).”
Stand and Deliver is a fast-paced, character-driven, dark, witty, zany period action-comedy fusing theatricality and flair with Tarantino-inspired action. It follows incompetent highwayman Robert Steel and his would-be apprentice Eve as they attempt to steal a precious taxidermied lobster, which contains the key to a nefarious scheme of political corruption reaching to the upper echelons of the British government. It's a show about casting off the roles which have been foisted upon us by our stations in life and learning to embrace our true selves. Our two down-and-out, disillusioned protagonists must wrestle with their resentment and hatred as they try to find the right way to defy those who have used and betrayed them.
Company description:
We are Tobacco Tea Theatre Company, a Bristol-based theatre company specialising in comedy and social satire. From light, absurd parodies such as The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (***** Theatre Bath) to dark contemporary satire such as Vitomori (**** Inter:Mission Bristol) and our 'Hot Fuzz meets Game of Thrones' parody, Parish Fête-ality: A Game of Scones (**** Remotegoat), we're bringing comedy that matters roaring into the heart of British theatre.
About the director:
Peter is a director based in London and his work includes: critically acclaimed Glitter Punch (Kings Head Theatre, Assembly: Edinburgh Fringe, VAULTS Festival), A Series of Unfortunate Breakups (Edinburgh Fringe), WEIRD (Arcola Theatre), Flycatcher (Assistant Director: The Hope Theatre), If My Heart Were A Camera (The Etcetera Theatre) and Still I See My Baby (The Arches).
Character name: Evelyn Bugg
A clever, bitter working-class woman who wants to become the Highwayman's apprentice, and joins him as a spy (at first) desperately trying to save her brother from the gallows, before becoming a true friend and partner in crime. Eve is one of the two protagonists of the show, and earns her place as the new Highwayman as she learns to abandon her resentment and hatred. Sarcastic, caustically witty, jaded by the miseries of life and sufficiently downtrodden by the world to carry hate within her heart, and with a strong capacity for violence, Eve has to wrestle with her desire for vengeance as she befriends and comes to trust Robert Steel, which restores some of the compassion she lost.
Character name: Robert Steel
A slightly foppish, somewhat ineffectual gentryman who, in order to escape the failure he has made of his life, has put on a disguise and become the terrifying and infamous Highwayman. In reality, he is nowhere near as competent at crime as people believe, being reluctant to kill, and often gets by on dumb luck – he's roleplaying as the Highwayman more than he has actually become it. Robert is one of the two main protagonists of the show, and he aims to steal back his family heirlooms – the taxidermy lobster and the spice island deed – from his local-area nemesis Horace Bluster, and in doing so regain his dignity and his sense of self from those who have trodden him down. As the show goes on and he suffers near-mortal injury and betrayal, he learns to cast off the social roles that never really fit him – both the gentryman and the Highwayman – and become genuinely himself, taking responsibility for his actions and going out in a defiant blaze of glory.
The actor will be multiroling other, minor characters.
Character name: Horace Bluster
A greedy, grasping, materialistic, status-hungry, power-hungry, pretentious, self-aggrandising, petty, corrupt gentryman trying to become extremely rich and powerful by acting as the underling of Augustus Standing in their scheme to sell worthless shares in a new Spice Island Trading Company at hugely inflated prices. Boastful on the surface, fancying himself to be a sophisticated gentleman, constantly trying to project dominance and get one over on everybody around him, wantonly vindictive and cruel to servants and the poor, Horace is one of the two villains in the show. Beneath the surface he is an insecure coward with an easily-pricked, fragile ego, who will run and hide at the first sign of danger, blubbering like a big baby.
Character name: Augustus Standing
A stern, severe, rational, clever, order- and planning-obsessed villain with a commanding presence, and Lord Chief Justice. He masterminds a plot to make himself the richest man in Britain and Prime Minister through his corrupt scheme to sell worthless shares in a new Spice Island Trading Company at hugely inflated prices. He is a careful, methodical planner, who is also prone to bouts of anger and cruelty. He manipulates Eve into infiltrating the Highwayman's operation as a spy, using the false promise that he will spare her brother from the gallows by pardoning his crime, and, once he has made use of her, callously betrays her with mocking laughter. He believes in rule by strength and by fear. He is a skilled manipulator, capable of charming others when he needs to, but he has very little tolerance for weakness or incompetence.
The actor will be multiroling other, minor characters.
Character name: Cecilia Bluster
Horace Bluster's cousin; playful, pleasure-loving, and indulgent of the flaws of others, but unpretentious, possessing the clear moral conscience her cousin lacks. When attacked by the Highwayman, she has the courage to take action to resolve the situation, being willing to strike a deal with him, and then to fight against Eve to the death.
The actor will be multiroling other characters, including Jane, a cruel, taunting prostitute who ruined Eve's family and is murdered by Eve in an act of revenge, and Lady Cheltenham, a witty, matronly aristocratic lady who is interested in investing into the Spice Island Trading Company using her husband's funds (which she controls).
Job details:
We have tour dates currently booked for Brighton Fringe (25th-28th May, Rialto Theatre). Edinburgh dates are TBC, and C Venues have confirmed that they will be giving us a slot - we tour to Edinburgh every year, and for the past 3 years we have been based in the main stage at C Main (Venue #34) with our sell-out Sherlock Holmes parody, 'The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'. We normally do the entire fringe and expect to do the same again this year. We are interested in further touring after Edinburgh if the show goes well.
Please apply by sending a CV and headshots and any Spotlight links (etc.) to the email address above.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. We look forward to hearing from you!
The Tobacco Team

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