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The allegations of official corruption posted by Ms. Lucielle Paru on her facebook account (7/02/2017) and reposted on “PNG Happenings Today” (07/02/2017), regarding Konebada Petroleum Park Authority (KPPA) Managing Director, Mr. Sam Pepena’s scamming and land grabbing are NOT true, misleading, and malicious in nature.

In the light of the recent “Manumanu Landgrabbing Scandal” that reverberates in the psyche of the citizens of this nation, these allegations are not only derogatory and serious in nature but also encompass defamation and insinuation of his character and reputation in the community and business circles. These allegations have serious legal culpability and we are now seeking legal redress.

Also, these allegations are NOT the absolute TRUTHS and BLUEPRINTS as opposed to what many have assumed and believed when Ms. Paru’s post was widely shared and distributed in various Social Media Platforms, but mere allegations and speculations based on the whims of hearsay and on the threads of hate and jealousy.

Sam Pepena scammed a thousands Papua New Guineans in the Nineties through a ponzy/pyramid scam known as MONEY RAIN. Papua New Guineans lost an estimated total of K20million which Sam Pepena took and disappeared off to Fiji after Australia declared him Persona Non-Grata.

It is true that Mr. Pepena and his team ran a Pyramid Scheme almost twenty years ago. It was a legitimate and new kind of business they operated in PNG. Along the way, however, the global and main financial markets they did business with were failing and unfavourable, and their team had encountered difficulties with their investments. Apparently, with the delays, the investors in this money scheme took the matter into their hands by filing lawsuit against Mr. Pepena. One Francis Tanga instituted the proceedings at the National Court in Waigani.

After a protracted court battle, the Court ruled in Mr. Pepena’s favour and cleared him off every account in 2006. The verdict by the Judge who presided over this case in these tedious court proceedings factored all the circumstantial evidences, arguments, and issues that arose in the case. As a matter of fact, the Court referred to a “Statutory Limitation period of 6 years” within which an aggrieved party must take legal action for a contract not honoured. This was the argument Mr. Tanga and his group held. It seemed they had certain advantage over the case.

Interestingly enough, however, in the sub-section of the Statutory Limitation, there was a clause that stated all investors signed understood the consequences of their investment should it run into difficulty. Since their investment in this business was a disaster due to extreme external market factors, the Judge in the National Court took into consideration this factor and other solid arguments in our submission and dismissed Mr. Tanga’s legal action in its entirety. The Judge ordered Mr. Tanga to pay all the costs incurred.

In essence, the decisive verdict of National Court Judge resolved this case in an amicable way. Thus, any effort to resurrect this case would be futile and inadvisable. Also, any effort to use this case to score points and derail the progress of Mr. Pepena would be an embarrassing and discriminatory endeavour. This case is water under the bridge. More importantly, it is irrelevant to the subject under discussion.

Ms. Paru’s allegation of Mr. Pepena’s business scamming an estimated K20 million is just pure exaggeration and hogwash aimed to tarnish his reputation. The investment of Mr. Pepena’s clients in this business never reached even K10 million. The estimated K20 million she alleges Mr. Pepena scammed is just a figment of her imagination. All her allegations are slanderous and she belongs to the category of pathological lairs. Her vicious attack on Mr. Pepena is deplorable and outrageous. We believe that her intention to widely publish this material in the Social Media Forums was to satisfy her appetite for recognition and publicity. Sadly enough, her lack of credible facts through thorough investigation and research of the issues she discusses demeans her reputation and credibility among the eyes of the readers and the public at
large. We have no respect for her with her co-conspirators!

The investment by the clients in the Pyramid Scheme was risky and unpredictable. When their investment returns were not promising, the life of Mr. Pepena was under constant threat and stress. Eventually, a lawsuit was registered at the National Court in Waigani. The overwhelming pressure and stress Mr. Pepena endured during this period was unbearable and humiliating. Yet, in spite of the threats and gossips that abounded for his arrest and incarceration, Mr. Pepena did not escape to Australia or Fiji as alluded by Ms. Paru and her co-conspirators. He remained in Port Moresby to assist and answer the questions of curious investors, despite the difficulties and predicaments they were going through with their investment.

Since Mr. Pepena is married to a Fijian woman and have children who were going to school at that time, he travelled to Fiji to visit them. As opposed to what the author speculates, this trip was for familial reason, not necessarily evading justice or prosecution. Furthermore, conversely, many of Mr. Pepena’s foes have misconstrued this trip to Fiji as an evasion from the law to seek police protection and asylum from the aforementioned country. This rhetoric was a minion of the evil one—a gullible piece to support her argument!

Admittedly, Mr. Pepena is NOT on Interpol notice, or on any derogatory list and record from any country, including Australia. Her pervasive conclusions and mudsling of his calibre and reputation defeats her intention and mission. In spite of the prevalent human flaws, which every person carries around, Mr. Pepena is an exceptional citizen with a big heart to contribute to the development of PNG.

Under Sam Pepena as the MD for Petroleum Park holdings, land at the Konebada Petroleum Park was disposed off to their "mates" for almost K20million with huge under the table kickbacks.

Fact #1
The allegations that “Under Sam Pepena as MD for Petroleum Parks Holdings, the land at the Konebada Petroleum Park was “disposed of” to their “mates” for almost K20 million with huge under the table kickbacks” is a narrative solely based not only on the notion of pure ignorance and naivety but also reveals someone who is severely suffering from an abhorrent mathematical syndrome.

Moreover, the phrase “disposed off” may infer criminality and rudimentary deprivation of title holders, including customary landowners. This verbal diarrhoea authored by Ms. Paru lacks insight into the complexities of issues surrounding title holders, leased, and customary lands shelved in the archives of Land’s Department and offices of statutory bodies, such as Konebada Petroleum Park Authority (KPPA).

To clarify any cloud of misunderstanding that prevails, the undertakings under the watch of Mr. Pepena as the Managing Director of KPPA were legally pursued, in pursuant of relevant laws and by-laws. There was nothing sinister done behind the back of others for self-aggrandizement, or for the reasons of monetary benefits. The money trail of this inflated and unscrupulous K20 million “disposed off” could be an interesting subject of investigation this novice Ms. Paru seems to propagate and speculate, let alone the prosecution of perpetrators for this case. She can file a case, if she is adamant to prosecute the perpetrators.

It seems Ms. Paru deeply lacks thorough knowledge and information regarding the complexities of issues she discusses. It’s cumbersome, a mouthful trash though. Nonetheless, she is legally liable for damages for misinformation and disadvantaging the opportunities and prospects of the accused. Mr. Pepena does not have any sense of respect for Ms. Paru and her co-conspirators.

In addition Petroleum Park Holdings registered recently a company in Hong Kong called Petroleum Park Holdings (HK) to launder their ill-gotten gains.

The allegation of “registering a company in Hong Kong called Petroleum Park Holdings (HK) to launder their ill-gotten gains” is not directed at Konebada Petroleum Park Authority (KPPA) or Petroluem Park Holdings Limited (PPHL) but rather a personal attack on Mr. Pepena by Ms. Paru and her co-conspriators. Her pathological deceitful behaviour still continues with fabricated information and nonsense.

It appears Ms. Paru is ignorant of the subject under discussion. Money laundering is a colossal economic issue around the world. Since Hong Kong is the third largest Economic Trade Centre after New York and London, stringent measures and mechanisms are put in place by private and government financial institutions to curb ill-gotten money.

Hong Kong is an advanced economy and its financial institutions are meticulously guarded from any case of money-laundering. Mr. Pepena firmly believes that to launder ill-gotten money to advanced economies like Hong Kong would be one of the least options to consider. Ms. Paru and her collaborators lack adequate knowledge and insight in the dynamics of economics, international trade, and management. Her predicament and ignorance is revealing here.

Fact #2
To set the record straight, let us clear out the Petroleum Park Holdings Limited (PPHL) (Hong Kong) issue. The establishment of Petroleum Parks Holdings Limited (PPHL) in Hong Kong is true, but the process is still in its infant stages. In Mr. Pepena’s capacity as the Managing Director of KPPA, this company was set up primarily as a resource incubation company in this strategic location and Central Financial Market. Hong Kong is Asia’s largest Financial Market outside of Wall Street and we envisioned that with this strategic move, we would have an advantage to make connections with market players and financers in our extractive resources, where we can attract mezzanine finance partners for these resource projects in PNG.

Fact #3
PNG is geographically close to Asia. With this view, we envisioned that by establishing ourselves in this financial, strategic centre, it would give us a lot of advantages and opportunities to promote and encourage potential clients for the development of our extractive resources. Apart from China, who is the growing economic powerhouse in the region, as well as other strong and vibrant economies within the South East Asian region, which lives and breathes through Hong Kong, we envisioned that we can harness opportunities of finding key partners, financers, and brokers for the development of our extractive resources in PNG.

Fact #4
We firmly believed that by aligning ourselves to the Hong Kong Financial Market, it presents us a solid platform where we can find competent and respected partners who can respect each other for such partnership. In fact, by strategically positioning in the Hong Kong direction, we believed that we can relieve ourselves of the presence of the elements of economic neo-colonialism apparently evident in many resource regions around the world. Also, by engaging with financers, brokers, key players, in this strategic location, our resources will find true value in a larger market place.
Fact #5

The establishment of the Petroleum Park Holdings Limited (PPHL) in Hong Kong was not done under secrecy, or without the consultation of key leaders and stakeholders. Rather, it was an initiative of the Konebada Petroleum Park Authority (KPPA) under the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) and its leadership to position our nation into a direction of wealth-creation and economic empowerment for our nation and for the good of our citizens.

In as much as we understand, under the existing laws of our nation, and the laws that govern the operations of extractive industry players, we envisioned that this was the enlightened pathway we undertook to chart the destiny of this nation, its resources, and its people. So Ms. Paru and her co-conspirators, this is how we strategically take back PNG for Papua New Guineans!

Additionally PPH paid K400,00 to register for 2 Petroleum Prospecting licenses for their friend's company called "Bismarck".

Ms. Paru’s pathological deception continues to flow from her unsanctified and unguarded lips. The revelation of such engagement is utter rubbish! Mr. Pepena’s guess is correct. Ms. Paru suffers from a rare medical condition called “Abhorrent Mathematical Syndrome.” The monetary figure she showcases does not match!

Moreover, the irony of her fabrication and misinformation regarding the operations of Konebada Petroleum Park Authority (KPPA) violates the laws of intellectual property rights (if any) and undermines KPPA laws on information confidentiality. Where did she get all these stark of information from? Unless it is required by the authorities for legal reasons, there is no cause for protruding essential information for public consummation regarding the operations of the KPPA, or any organization for that matter.

If Ms. Paru was an employee of the KPP Authority, she would be charged for insubordination and terminated from her position. This is not possible now, since she appears to be a proxy advocate for unconvential groups teeming everywhere in their callous attempt to antagonize hardworking professionals and leaders.

Meanwhile, Ms. Paru and her collaborators (if any) will be legally summoned to produce the hard evidences of her (their) accusations in due course, when we seek legal counsel and lodge this complaint in the Court of Law.

Until then, Mr. Pepena would end by quoting, “John 8:7 “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

We all have fallen short of glory of God. We have a past and hope that it has made us better people learning from those mistakes of the past. God bless you (your co-conspirators) indelibly and God can forgive you (your co-conspirators) unconditionally of your statements of fallacies and lies!

Mr. Sam Pepena
Managing Director
Konebada Petroleum Park Authority

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